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קהילת הבריאות של בוגרי קורס חובלים

Healthcare On Board Ecosystem Lounge (HOBEL) As former Navy officers, we value the strength of teamwork, especially in a highly professional and regulated environment, where good collaboration between different professions across disciplines is essential and a key for success.

Healthcare On-Board is an innovative ecosystem driving the talent, experience, and network skills of the Israeli Naval Academy alumni, who are involved in the healthcare industry.


Our vision is to create an exclusive ecosystem, empowered by Israeli Naval officers who promote business collaborations in the healthcare domain.

Our goal is to build trust and develop a network of partnerships based on our members to navigate the rough sea of healthcare.


We firmly believe that our group members should harness their skills to leverage the opportunities provided by the ecosystems.

We also believe that a well-connected and robust ecosystem, which is built on the shoulders of Israeli Naval alumni, will have the power to assists more patients, get better clinical outcomes, and save more lives.


We welcome physicians, entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, medical researchers, and engineers to contribute to this ecosystem.

למעלה מ-200 בוגרי חובלים לוקחים חלק בפעילות החברתית שלנו ועוזרים לשנות חיים. רוצים לעזור לנו לגדול? נשמח לכל תרומה שתעזור להרחבת הפעילות. התרומות מוכרות לסעיף 46א׳ לפקודת מס הכנסה.

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